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WEZESHA YOUTH INITIATIVE (WEYI) is a Youth Led Civil society Organization registered and operating in  Kenya, East Africa since the year 2018.  Anchored on, and strongly aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Kenya’s Vision 2030, our mission is to empower and transform the lives of youths, women and children by engaging communities, state and non-state actors in sustainable socio-economic empowerment and realization of individual and collective dreams through the key focus areas; Mental Health Awareness, Climate Adaptation(Ecological justice and Conservation), Capacity Building(Trainings and Incubation), Talents Development (Arts Nurturing and Exposition), HIV/AIDS advocacy (High-schools and Universities), Reproductive and Menstrual Health , Human Rights and Civic Education.

Rooted in ethos of empowering the youth and women to be self-reliant, Wezesha Youth Initiative  boast of more than 15,000 members and envisions a society where every young person spread across the 47 counties in Kenya, including the informal settlements, rural parts of the country among others, not only realizes their full potential but is also equipped with the tools necessary to contribute meaningfully to their communities. Taking cue from the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the Bill of Rights in Chapter Four, and Article 27 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Wezesha Youth Initiative holds the aphorism of equality before the law for everyone. As such, we have a policy of non-discrimination against any person on the basis of gender, culture, race, and political affiliation. We work with every youth in the society, including the socially excluded groups such as, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities in various projects including those related to politics and governance.

 The previous projects implemented by our organization includes:

  1. Human Rights advocacy programs in marginalized areas including informal settlements.
  2.  Mental Health awareness seminars and events with other stakeholders
  3.  Tree planting campaigns where we have planted more than 5000 Trees in various schools  and public parks
  4. Capacity Building ; in partnership with other CSOs and Government, we have trained 2000 youth on Business strategies.
  5. Conducted Free VCT and Medical Camp where 5000+ have since tested and recommended to various health facilities.
  6. Conducted regional Talent shows , Competitions, Awards to motivate young people in creative arts.
  7. Successfully convened  consecutive annual pageantry contests dubbed Mr&Miss Tranquility focusing on Arts for economic empowerment.  Wezesha Youth Initiative is composed of a team of experts in diverse fields of specialization including, but not limited to Public Policy and Governance, Business, Medics, Data analysts, Activists, social movements, ICT etc


A society with unlimited possibilities and transformative opportunities for the youth, women and children


To transform the lives of youths, women and children by engaging communities, state and nonstate actors in sustainable socio-economic empowerment and livelihoods, health initiatives, capacity building, governance and advocacy.


Wezesha Jamii Wajitegemee

Empowerment for Self Reliance




Transparency and Accountability


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